Holiday plans for two!

Another of the many advantages in changing jobs is the fact that I will be working in the same local authority as my daughters’ schools – and so will be far more likely to have the same school holidays as them! I’m finishing at my current school a week before term ends for that very reason – having the time with eldest daughter while her siblings are off on holiday with their dad was more important to me than having the pay for working till the end of term.

So we’re planning a little jaunt of our own! Ours needs to be low key and wheelchair friendly. An extensive survey on Facebook (I have a definite love-hate relationship with Facebook but it comes into its own for this sort of thing) came up with lots of ideas but Llandudno was suggested and after that nothing else came close! Of course. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself (yes I do; my brain is fried at the moment…)!

So we’re off for 3 nights in a B&B on the sea front. We’re looking forward to a drive up the Great Orme, a visit to the RSPB place at Conwy and lots of time walking and wheeling along the front, eating ice cream and fish and chips. It’s going to be brilliant!

Now we just need reasonable weather to go with it please!


Lazy blogger

Was it REALLY Christmas Eve that I last posted in this blog? Good grief…

No point trying to catch up properly with the last three months. Suffice it to say that my broken foot mended enough that I could return to work with a limp at the beginning of January, and the limp had disappeared less than a week later. All completely back to normal now, of course, though it still aches a bit at the fracture site when I’ve been standing for a long time.

I’ve never had a ‘word for the year’ before, as many of my blogging friends and acquaintances do. I never intended to either, but at the beginning of this year, a word kept coming to mind and I couldn’t shake it off. In the end I decided to adopt it as a sort of all encompassing New Year’s resolution (something else I don’t usually bother with!). The word?


I am a rubbish relaxer. I’m not a worrier as such, but I’m always just that bit… tense. On edge. Waiting for the next thing to go pear shaped. When I sit down to knit, or read, or watch TV, I always have that feeling I should be doing something else – and even though ‘should’ has been a banned word in our house for a long time now, it’s still my go-to feeling until I remind myself not to.

But this January 1st, I resolved to make ‘Relax’ my watchword for the year.

I was slightly scared that there was something significant in the word and that life would give me reason to need it (is it just me whose mind works that way?), and almost immediately after Christmas, work became trickier and for reasons beyond anyone’s control I realised that my job was probably going to be disappearing before too long. And in the middle of rather a lot of difficult days and weeks, I found that I was indeed relaxed, against all the odds. I just had that feeling that it would all be okay, even though I had no idea how.

I stumbled upon a job I just knew I had to apply for, even though I wasn’t really looking for a job at the time. I applied. I got an interview. I was offered the job. I didn’t actually WANT to leave the school I’m at now but as the child I was supporting is no longer there, I couldn’t be sure I’d still have a job come September.

So, I have four more days left at my current school. Four more days of 17 mile commutes (hurrah). Four more days with lovely supportive staff and gorgeous children who I am going to miss SO much (sob).

Then after the Easter holidays, I will start at a new school. This one isn’t 17 miles away; it’s about half a mile away. A ten minute walk from home. Same pay, same hours, very similar job to the one I’ve been doing. But half a mile from my house. I can’t even count all of the ways this is going to improve our family life but:

– I will save about £150 a month in fuel costs.
– Child care costs will go down from quite a lot to almost nothing.
– I can have breakfast with Three and then walk her to school.
– When she is ready, she can start walking to school on her own, just as her brother and sister did at the same age.
– Because of the way my hours are set out, I will be able to come home and have lunch with One, at least some of the days.
– Walking there and back each day will be regular exercise I am just not getting at the moment – I’m hoping it will help my waistline to cease expanding and maybe even shrink a little!

This is a bitter-sweet week coming up. Four days left in a familiar environment I didn’t actually want to leave, then saying goodbye to a very lovely set of people, before taking 30-40 minutes driving along a busy dual carriageway to get home. Then on Friday I’m going to walk Three to school for the first time in well over a year, then going in to visit my new school to get my bearings and find out about the child I’ll be working with, and meet some of the other staff, ready to start properly after the Easter holidays. And then I can walk home. And it’ll take me 10 minutes.

I foresee a mixture of tears and excitement. It all feels very weird.

Next post (because I’m planning on being back blogging again now) I will tell you all about the holiday One and I have got planned. 🙂

Could this be the laziest blog post I’ve ever done?

Tricky week. Can’t think properly let alone compose a coherent blog post. So I thought I’d let a silly facebook app do the work for me – something called ‘What Would I Say’ which generates statuses based on a jumble of things you have posted to facebook in the past, so that it sounds like you. I had a bit of a play with it last night and here are my favourite things the ‘HelenBot’ came up with (the last one is my personal favourite!):

– Just after a crazy fortnight and I am a huge mug of tea

– is now working in my own cake tin and am in deep denial

– Thank you Jackie, but it’s a sudden burst of mugs of tea

– I really DID

– They are ridiculously cute. Hurrah for tomorrow’s camping trip this

– Thanks but I’m going to sleep

– I really can’t understand why they lick your mobile number

– has found the germs and packing plenty of my research study and the drugs helped keep the plus chips. Mississippi mud pie, You’ve got nothing, Mummy

– Could we have got any CLEAN trousers? I do

– Bother. Sudafed and paracetamol don’t remember it

– Jury is nearly at an end, or I will be messaging you a cold.

– Feeling really low about my holidays are STARVING when we arrived and the sheep themselves are quite a sensible chap…

– Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists, and chocolate

1. Sunshine Jane by Anne Warner

[Classic Children’s section of my kindle]

I am struggling to find the words to describe this book. It is delightful, hilarious (especially when parts of it are read aloud by eldest daughter with exaggerated expression while I’m cooking), entirely bizarre, full of religious moral but doesn’t seem to take itself in the least seriously.

I love it!

I’m assuming this came from Project Gutenburg. I intend to see if I can find more by Anne Warner.

My Kindle Challenge has started well!

17. In your bag

This is what I carry round with me in my handbag at all times.

I’m not listing it all – if you want to know you can peer at it and work it out for yourself…

(oh – my phone is usually in there too but not when I’m at home so I forgot to put it in the photo!)

To quote one of my mum’s favourite sayings: “We’re short of nothing we’ve got!”