Holiday plans for two!

Another of the many advantages in changing jobs is the fact that I will be working in the same local authority as my daughters’ schools – and so will be far more likely to have the same school holidays as them! I’m finishing at my current school a week before term ends for that very reason – having the time with eldest daughter while her siblings are off on holiday with their dad was more important to me than having the pay for working till the end of term.

So we’re planning a little jaunt of our own! Ours needs to be low key and wheelchair friendly. An extensive survey on Facebook (I have a definite love-hate relationship with Facebook but it comes into its own for this sort of thing) came up with lots of ideas but Llandudno was suggested and after that nothing else came close! Of course. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself (yes I do; my brain is fried at the moment…)!

So we’re off for 3 nights in a B&B on the sea front. We’re looking forward to a drive up the Great Orme, a visit to the RSPB place at Conwy and lots of time walking and wheeling along the front, eating ice cream and fish and chips. It’s going to be brilliant!

Now we just need reasonable weather to go with it please!


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