Day 8

Just a quick post tonight as bedtime is looming!

Today I managed to use the airboot and the crutches to walk to a local shop a few streets away to buy crisps and nuts for our sofachurch Christmas get together tomorrow night. One came with me as far as the shop, helped carry the items and stashed them in the rucksack on my back once I’d paid for them. She then went in the other direction for an appointment and I walked home all by myself!

Amazing how something so simple now takes so much organising and working up to. I was really nervous about being out by myself, though of course it was fine. As I got in the front door, my phone rang. I stood in the hall behind the door talking to the caller for a few minutes and as we were wrapping the conversation up there was a knock on the door! I was really glad I hadn’t just settled back down on the sofa again so it was all rather useful timing! (It was delivery of a Christmas present from ebay – hurrah!).

Talking of Christmas presents, I’ve done a load more online shopping today, making lists as I went, making sure I stuck rigidly to my budget, and now I only have a very few presents to get in ‘real life’ so to speak. I’m hoping I might make it into town at some point in the next week as I begin to be more mobile; there’s a bus which stops almost opposite our house so that might be a possibility if I feel up to it. I’m relieved to have got things a bit more organised – it’s been preying on my mind and tomorrow I might pick up my knitting again.

As for today, my walk, which was probably about quarter of a mile altogether, if that, pretty much knocked me out and I sank into an accidental and very deep sleep on the sofa for an hour and a half when I got back! Since breaking my foot I seem to be weeping, and sleeping, at the drop of a hat – two side effects I really wasn’t expecting! Everything makes me cry (most ridiculous example so far was the Christmas Bake Off episode last night when Mary Berry put a little tea light into her gingerbread house and all the boiled-sweet windows glowed *sob*) and I keep falling asleep at random! Hopefully all part of the healing process…

Conversation just now:
One: How are you feeling?
Me: My foot hurts. How are you feeling?
One: The side of my mouth hurts.
Me: Maybe if I kick you in the mouth with my bad foot, the two pains will cancel each other out and we’ll both be absolutely fine…
One: YES! Let’s DO that!

The tragic thing is that, for us, that’s a perfectly normal conversation!

(Spoiler alert: we didn’t do that…)


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