One week on

It’s a whole week since I toppled sideways to the ground outside our house. In my head, at the time, I thought I’d be back to normal after a couple of days. The reality is rather different from that, but I can be positive and see how much better I am now than I was last Tuesday night.

The situation on day 7 is as follows:

– The airboot continues to be a thing of joy. It still hurts to put my foot down in it, but at least I can do it, and standing on both feet, even supported almost entirely by crutches, is wonderful.

– I can walk short distances around the house with airboot and crutches and then need a nice long rest with the foot elevated to recover.

– The bruising continues to come out more and more; it looks a lot more dramatic than it did last Tuesday even though none of the bruises are in the least bit tender – no bruising at all at the actual fracture site! Bizarre.

– Getting about is still exhausting

– I’m pretty much managing without painkillers now – just 2 paracetamol and 2 NSAIDs during the day (which I’m hoping to cut out tomorrow), and the same again just before I go to sleep.

Today the following nice things have happened:

– A work colleague who lives in my town, is currently on maternity leave but was heading into school today for a meeting, called round to collect both my sick note and my present for the Secret Santa to take in for me. It was really nice to see her despite the fact I was in my pyjamas and the house is a tip! Also good to be reassured from someone at a senior management level that I would definitely be a health and safety nightmare and a liability if I’d tried to go to work on my crutches, and that I should take as much time as I need to get properly better rather than rush back and get worse! (Still hoping hard to be back for the beginning of term though!)

– I got a parcel today from a lovely friend which I can only describe as a ‘broken foot survival kit’. It contained some gorgeous sock yarn (which I am reluctantly resisting casting on until I’ve finished at least one of my current Works In Progress), a big bar of chocolate and a puzzle book – fabulous! Thank you Dawn!

– I also opened another parcel from another lovely friend which contained a wonderful purple knitted hat. I’ve been wearing it all day and it has both kept me warm and cheered me up loads! Thank you Liz!

I have utterly awesome friends. Lots of whom live too far away.

Plus an awesome eldest daughter, who made it to the corner shop and back this evening just because I said I was craving Lucozade. And an awesome youngest daughter who has made me a lovely detailed Christmas card. I haven’t seen Son today of course but he too is awesome and made it back to Manchester just fine on Sunday even though he had to walk to the station and find his train all by himself! Bless them all. 🙂


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