Airboot of joyousness


This device from the fracture clinic is already improving my life immeasurably, in the tiniest of ways.

I just did the washing up for the first time in almost a week. OK so One had to boil the kettle and pour the water into the bowl and pass me all the pots, but I stood at the sink and washed them all.

I managed to step up the step into the house when we got home from the hospital, remaining upright instead of crawling in on hands and knees with my bum in the air like I have for the past six days.

And I have just discovered I no longer need the chair outside the back door to help me get to the outside toilet. I won’t dwell on how much easier that whole operation is when you don’t have to wobble on one leg…

I’m still supported entirely by crutches and putting my foot down isn’t pain free even in the boot. I can only walk for a short while before a good long rest of the foot back on the sofa. But even this little bit of extra mobility is amazing when I’ve been hopping for nearly a week.

Apparently I’ve fractured the base of my fifth metatarsal in the best possible place. The x ray was fascinating to see. Recovery time should be 4-6 weeks. I’ve done nearly a week already.  Driving-wise, as soon as I’m completely out of the boot I can sit in the stationary car and play with the pedals until I’m confident I can do a pain free emergency stop. I’ve got a sick note for work and am hoping I’ll be able to focus on rest and recovery over the Christmas holidays with a view to getting back to work at the start of the new term.

Feeling tired, sore, but much more positive and with hope that improvement can now start to happen.


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