Christmas is coming


Today has involved:
– Welcoming Two back from his dad’s house for the weekend (I normally meet him off the train but today he had to walk home by himself)
– Watching two films on Lovefilm with all three children: Nativity 2 Danger in the Manger (first time of watching, absolutely superb) and The Iron Giant (we used to have it on VHS video and have watched it numerous times but not for many years. Lovely revisit of an old favourite)
– Mobilising all three children, from my sofa, to tidy up the living room and put up the tree and decorations. See the above photo. They did a fab job.
– Sitting with tears of pride running down my face as I heard all three children washing up and drying up about three days’ worth of pots in the kitchen (yes the broken foot is making me more emotional than usual…)
– Finding out soon afterwards that they had moaned and bickered throughout and that Two’s back was now hurting from standing up for so long… (and yet I am unmoved. It’s about time they found out what I do for them on a daily basis *grin*)
– Eating tea which was ready meals warmed up by One in the oven. Yum!
– Being reminded via social media of the 2006 infant school performance of The Christmas Postmen (in which Two was one of the Postmen). Persuading the children to dig out the dvd and making them all sit through the whole thing. It was great and most amusing pointing out the tiny little cute children who are all great big hulking Year 9s now!
– Discovering that watching people break their leg on Casualty when you have a fractured foot is vicariously far more painful than usual!
– Knitting three more rows of my 350 stitch sock yarn scarf. Three rows of sock yarn weight makes no discernible difference to the scarf’s progress and takes all evening. I will persevere however because it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous when it’s done.

Foot hurts no less than it did yesterday and is turning an interesting shade of blue. We’re going to our church carol service tomorrow afternoon. I’m alternately really looking forward to it and absolutely dreading having to leave the house again on these bloody crutches!


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