Could this be the laziest blog post I’ve ever done?

Tricky week. Can’t think properly let alone compose a coherent blog post. So I thought I’d let a silly facebook app do the work for me – something called ‘What Would I Say’ which generates statuses based on a jumble of things you have posted to facebook in the past, so that it sounds like you. I had a bit of a play with it last night and here are my favourite things the ‘HelenBot’ came up with (the last one is my personal favourite!):

– Just after a crazy fortnight and I am a huge mug of tea

– is now working in my own cake tin and am in deep denial

– Thank you Jackie, but it’s a sudden burst of mugs of tea

– I really DID

– They are ridiculously cute. Hurrah for tomorrow’s camping trip this

– Thanks but I’m going to sleep

– I really can’t understand why they lick your mobile number

– has found the germs and packing plenty of my research study and the drugs helped keep the plus chips. Mississippi mud pie, You’ve got nothing, Mummy

– Could we have got any CLEAN trousers? I do

– Bother. Sudafed and paracetamol don’t remember it

– Jury is nearly at an end, or I will be messaging you a cold.

– Feeling really low about my holidays are STARVING when we arrived and the sheep themselves are quite a sensible chap…

– Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists, and chocolate


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