Stop thinking about blogging Helen and just jump back in!

Trying a new format to get me to write something – anything…

Health: Horrendous. Very very fed up with getting one cold after another, coughing constantly, trying all sorts of different mixtures and potions and being filled with snot and yuk. I know I’m not looking after myself properly. There just isn’t time. Will try to do better…

Work: Good. Despite feeling absolutely crap every morning and coughing constantly, I usually manage to feel mostly ok when I get there and quite enjoy it. I love what I do and I have awesome colleagues. It may be incredibly hard getting up and out each morning and not being here to do the myriad parent things I need to, but as I have to work, I’m very very fortunate to enjoy it so much. I don’t take one single bit of it for granted.

Appointments: Monday – College Open Evening. One has now filled out her enrolment form for the A Levels she wants to do. We had a good chat with the Learning Support services who will hopefully help her to access her college education when it is time. Tuesday – GP appt with One having had her ME/CFS confirmed at the hospital last week. She came out with three different prescriptions (none to do with the ME/CFS – it was a bit of a multi-faceted appointment!) Thursday – review meeting at school which I couldn’t go to because it was scheduled for when I was at work and ‘couldn’t’ be changed… that was quite useful apparently. She was very assertive and insisted the next one is after school so I can go. I’m very proud of her! Friday – Catch up music session for One to try to get her GCSE music work in the bag since she can’t get into actual lessons. I sat in the corner and knitted. Same again next Friday.

House: Absolute tip due to all of the three above reasons. Must try harder! (Yeah right). No heating or hot water. This is an ongoing situation. I can’t tell you how fed up I am about it. We’re being assessed for a free boiler next Saturday. We need an entire new heating system, not just a free boiler. Will wait and see what they say.

Knitting: Keeping me sane (just), one stitch at a time. Currently knitting a Mini Mania scarf. No photo yet as I haven’t taken one. It’s knitted in linen stitch out of spare sock yarn oddments, lengthways – so I have cast on 350 stitches – each row takes an age! I’m loving watching it emerge though and as each row is a different colour it is going to be very bright and cheerful!

Reading: Some random romance downloaded from Amazon when it was free. Not a clue what it’s called or who it’s by. I started off rolling my eyes at it then sort of got into it without meaning to. For the next post, I’ll try to be reading something a bit more worthy and impressive sounding… *grin*

Listening to: The CD of live worship from New Wine Newark in the summer, which arrived this week. Great songs and lovely memories.

Watching: Masterchef Professionals – first time we’ve watched Masterchef and quite enjoying it – very different from Great British Bake Off which we recently enjoyed. Significantly less weeping on Masterchef for a start!

Looking forward to: Going to the local theatre next week with One to watch Paul Merton’s Impro Chums. It was a bit of an impulse ticket purchase and we’re both really excited about it!


3 thoughts on “Stop thinking about blogging Helen and just jump back in!

  1. great to read your blog Helen and have a general catch up – you should write more often but I know how time consuming it can be, but it’s always good to look back on and a great way to sort out exactly what’s going on.
    Bad news about your boiler/heating etc 😦 DISLIKE
    New Wine CD – isn’t it fab – downloaded mine on my iPod so at least I can listen but have lent actual copy to a friend so can’t listen in the car – oh well!
    Enjoy the theatre – now off to post my own ramblings… S xx

  2. It’s lovely to see a blog from you Helen!

    I sincerely hope your boiler situation gets sorted out very quickly, another friend of mine is supposed to be having a new one fitted and I know how much of a nightmare she’s finding life without it :-/

    Enjoy Paul Merton & His Impro Chums, I’ve never had a bad night out with them on the bill!

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