7. QI: The Noticeably Stouter Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd & John Mitchinson

[Paid For section of my Kindle]

This was the very first book I paid for for my Kindle, soon after I purchased the Kindle itself. It was on a very cheap offer on Amazon if I remember correctly.

The book is a compilation of a great number of very short chapters, the titles of which are a variety of questions which have been asked in the TV show QI (a great favourite of mine). The answers range from about 2-4 pages long, of ‘Quite Interesting’ information. Every few chapters there is a short excerpt quoted from when the same question was asked on the show.

It’s the sort of book you don’t read from cover to cover all in one sitting, but dip into every now and again, which might explain why it’s taken me 18 months to finish it! I found each individual chapter interesting, but taken as a whole it was a bit tedious without the banter we’re normally used to on the television. I’m not sorry I’ve finally moved it to my ‘Read’ folder. I do like the fact it has a hyper linked index at the back, meaning I can look up particular subjects if I want to in the future, without having to plough through the whole thing again!


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