Disconnected snippets (again)

– Dear advertisers on the TV, radio, billboards, via email, all telling me to treat my dad on Father’s Day: Shut the **** up and go away. And don’t come back next year. No love, me.

– Still absolutely loving my job. I love the child I work with; I love the school; I love the staff; I love shrieking with laughter in the staffroom at lunchtime. I still can’t believe I’m actually employed. I still can’t believe I’m in such a perfect situation for myself. I still don’t take going to work every day even one tiny bit slightly for granted. Doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated, exhausted and look forward to weekends and holidays – but even with the knackeredness and the inevitable flies in the ointment here and there, I am just so bloody, bloody lucky to be there and I love it.

– It was parents evening this week for Three. I noticed the usual facebook status updates among local parents lauding their amazing children with their wonderful reports and excellent work and behaviour. That’s brilliant (and I know it’s been me in the past!). This year I’m heading up the army of parents who didn’t post their children’s achievements on facebook. My child: has great potential but worries too much, is distracted and not concentrating much of the time; we’re really quite worried about her, oh and by the way did you get the letter about headlice? We think she’s got them…. (It’s ok: I’m now very much on the case on both counts!).

– It’s the weekend! Hurrah. I planned a barbecue for today’s main meal, and am now looking rather skeptically at the weather. (sceptic or skeptic?) skeptic looks wrong to me, but sceptic has a red wiggly line under it.

– The house is a total tip again and once I’ve finished this blog post (which many would say is clearly displacement activity – they would be quite right) I’m going to get off my backside and do something about it so we’re not living in squalor for the whole weekend (squalor? squalour? The curse of the red wiggly line again – I was sure I could spell! Is the spellchecker American or am I losing the plot?)

– Two came home from school on Wednesday with curry from lunchtime all down his uniform polo top. I spent ages attacking it to get the lovely yellow stains out and was very proud of my efforts. Sent him off to school the next day in his (almost dry) beautifully clean shirt. He returned that afternoon having had a leaky pen thrown at him. The dark blue mess was incredible. I cried. (It’s almost all come out but there is a small blue stain right in the middle which I think is there for ever). Wouldn’t be so bad but this is a replacement shirt given to him by the pastoral manager because his previous one was so full of unwashable pen stains that he got into trouble for looking scruffy.

– I’m not likely to win any Mother of the Year awards any time soon from either of my kids’ schools, am I? 😉

– I’m so busy and tired at the moment that I’m finding real life social interaction quite difficult. I’ve stopped answering the phone altogether, even to my mum. Texting, email and instant messaging is all I can manage right now. I’m ok during work and can chatter away to everyone at breaktimes, but at home I’m finding being a parent is taking up every single ounce of the energy I possess and I just have no resources left for anyone else. This is normal for a single parent, right? It won’t last for ever? And how come everyone else seems to have it all together and be able to do amazing things like go out to meetings in the evening or volunteer with guides/scouts/at church etc? (on reflection, maybe I need to stop reading facebook status updates altogether for a while…!)

– This blog post is brought to you by honesty and imperfection. None of it is meant as a moan. I’m really happy and content with life at the moment. But I think it’s really important to keep it real. No picture perfect snapshots here. Just life, warts and all.


6 thoughts on “Disconnected snippets (again)

  1. Your spell-checker is American. “Skeptic” is the US spelling, “sceptic” the UK one. (“Squalor” is the same on both sides of the Atlantic.)

    Methylated spirits is what you want for getting the ink-stains out.

    And go you for combining a full-time job and full-time solo parenting.

    • Thank you! For both the spelling and the methylated spirits – will invest in some!

      The job isn’t really full time – it’s 25 hours a week, but with the commute added on that’s an extra 1.5 – 2 hours a day on top of that. And of course it’s term time only. Real full time like I used to do pre-children would send me over the edge at the moment!

  2. You are awesome and with all you’re doing it’s no wonder you’re feeling tired and finding social interaction difficult *hugs*

  3. Hugs you are doing it on your own and holding down a full time job theres only so much one person cam do. As for the ghastly pen throwing child all I can say is I hope that one day they will realise how nasty their behaviour was and regret it.

    • It isn’t really full time at 25 hours per week term time only. 37 and a half hours like I used to do pre children all year round would break me completely I think!

      There are a high number of ghastly bullying-type children in Two’s year group. As a result of this I’m becoming more and more reconciled to him going to live with his dad and having a fresh start in September.

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