2. Monitress Merle by Angela Brazil

[Girlsown section of my kindle]

I am sucker for an Angela Brazil book – or indeed any school stories from that early 20th century era – and this was no disappointment. Mavis and Merle are likeable sisters and the power struggles between the girls at the boarding/day school they attend seem timeless. I would go so far as to say that this book was far less ‘cheesy’ and had more substance to it than I have come to expect from Angela Brazil.

There are the obligatory near disasters here and there, and even a bit of romantic interest for one of the girls. I really liked the balance between school and holidays, too.

Excellent read!


2 thoughts on “2. Monitress Merle by Angela Brazil

  1. I’ve read this and really enjoyed it. Like you thought it was much better than most of her books (not that I’ve read that many!)

  2. I’m partial to an Angela Brazil too, and yes, this is one of her better ones. I have a feeling that she wrote another story with the same characters in but I can’t be sure.

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