My youngest child is nine today. NINE. Where did it all go?

By no stretch of the imagination can I even think of her as my ‘baby’ any more. And to be fair, nor do I much want to – it’s fab having older children and I’m not much of a one for hankering after the toddler days. I adore the young person Three is turning into – my quirky, sensitive, articulate, girl with a certain wisdom beyond her years and a very macabre sense of humour!

She has had a lovely day. Thrilled with all of her presents, enjoyed being sung to at school and had a family tea (including Dad and Grandma) with a Minecraft Creeper cake (made and iced by me, and cut into pieces successfully by her!) She went to bed at 8, which is her new bedtime now she has attained another year of age.

I am SO TIRED. This is the first birthday I’ve organised since going back to work. It was all rather last minute but everything kind of fell together successfully. I’ve had a different day at work as my 1:1 child was off ill, so I worked with other SEN children – quite nice to have a change but more tiring than usual as I got to know children I’m not so familiar with, and worked in a class I haven’t been in before.

I’ve now delivered Grandma back to her house and Two to youth club. I’ve collapsed onto the sofa for a quick, but huge, mug of tea. Soon I will go out again to the supermarket to buy essentials for packed lunches and the meal ingredients to get us through to the weekend, and then collect Two at 9.30.

I’d quite like to go to bed right now, if only that option was available! My head is pounding but the responsibilities of a single parent never seem to end (or at least, there is nobody to delegate to!)

I’m so glad Three has had a good day. It was her day and we made it fab for her. She is revelling in the very nine-ness of nine. It suits her, somehow. 🙂


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