Still in shock!

Son went to his dad’s for the weekend.

Before he went, he looked like this:


He hasn’t let anyone near his hair for a very long time. Its length was massively important to him. Last time I cut it to tidy it up (a year ago) it involved heart rending screaming and sobbing, having actually run away beforehand at the thought of having it cut.

He appeared after school today looking like this:


I was so surprised I couldn’t speak for at least 5 minutes!

He likes it. So do I when I get used to it! My boy is growing up.

More change is afoot for me and this boy. I’m still coming to terms with a lot of it and his hair is just the start. There are tears in my future and I have to remember that wherever he is living, he’s still my amazing, unique son.

And he’s so neat and tidy! Bless him.


3 thoughts on “Still in shock!

  1. Wow Helen!! I’m not surprised you were speechless what a big step for your no 2. So glad he is happy with it.
    Keep strong, as we know, ‘God moves in mysterious ways.’ XXXXX

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