Books books books

I have a Kindle.

I’ve had it for nearly 18 months and I love it. I love that I can take hundreds and hundreds of books with me everywhere I go and they all fit in my handbag. I love that I can read in bed with only one hand sticking out of the nice warm covers. And mostly I love the enormous range of free books I can get for it.

I subscribe to a blog called Free Digital Reads which scours Amazon for free content for Kindle; some books are permanently free and some are just temporarily on offer. I normally add at least a couple of books a week to my collection this way – stuff I think looks good but would never have even heard of otherwise. It’s often fairly random!

I have a big collection of free classics, children’s classics and girlsown type books which I’ve gleefully found on project gutenberg and sent to my kindle. And I’ve been very kindly sent various things by friends as well.

All this adds up to an enormous number of books which I’ve been carrying around on my kindle for a very long time and never seem to get around to reading. I’ve got them all organised into collections but find it difficult to know where to start, nevertheless, so mostly don’t start at all!

This morning I was lying in bed organising about fifty of my latest downloaded books into the relevant collections, wondering when I was ever going to get around to reading any of them. And I had a sudden idea.

What if I try a systematic approach? I have 13 different collections on my kindle. When I’ve read a book I move it from the collection into a ‘read’ folder. What if I decide to read the first book listed, whatever it is, from each collection, in rotation? And what if I post about each book here? Probably just very short comments, rather than a proper review, as I’m just too busy to commit to anything more erudite or coherent, most of the time!

It could be a bit embarrassing. I’ve downloaded some pretty random stuff, just because it was free. But it could also be a great record of what I’m reading, and might inspire others to try new authors too.

I think I’m going to have a go.

Here is the list of my collections on my kindle, with the number of unread books in each in brackets. This is the order they currently appear on the screen, and the order in which I’m going to read a book from each in turn:

Classic children’s (65)

Girlsown (41)

Ken Follett (14)

Paid for (5)  <– Ha! See what a skinflint I am!

Non-fiction (56)

Random (98)

Janet Evanovich (21)

Sue Grafton (21)

Bill Bryson (1)

Romance (65)

Agatha Christie (45)

Chalet School (61)

Classics (25)

Let the reading commence! After I’ve done all the other things I need to do today in order to keep my household functioning, that is…


3 thoughts on “Books books books

  1. Once I’ve finished reading books for the 100 books challenge I set myself, I’m going to try and work through the stuff on my kindle – all 99 pages of it!

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