Further creativity


Zentangle count now up to five.

Top three yesterday, bottom two this evening, having been out and spent my Easter present money from my mum on a set of really nice fine nibbed pens. I now have the potential for twenty different colours, but am sticking with black for now while I find my drawing mojo!

This is hugely addictive. All the tangle patterns are copied from websites, but by tile 5 this evening I was feeling confident enough to put my own spin on a couple of them.

In other news, Two and Three have gone to their dad’s for the next week, leaving One and I in peace and quiet. So far we’ve been to Tesco, eaten delicious pasta (if I do say so myself) and watched a lot of TV. This morning, Three and I went through a ridiculous amount of her clothes and filled two black bags full of excess stuff she never wears or is too small. All her remaining clothes now fit in her drawers, the drawers now close and thank goodness for that!

I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I go back to work next Thursday, which in my head and everyone else’s is still in the middle of the Easter holidays. Making the absolute most of the time off I’ve got left! I’ve done loads of jobs I’ve been postponing for weeks, and even booked myself a cut and blow dry for Tuesday morning – which I’ve already had an anxiety dream about…


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