I’ve had this overwhelming urge to draw, these past few days. Not sure where it’s come from, only that resistance was entirely futile. As the days passed, my fingers got itchier and itchier.

Today, I suddenly knew what it was I needed to do. I did some research, cut some A4 paper into 3.5 inch squares, sharpened a pencil, found a pen and settled down in my corner of the sofa with a big book to lean on.

Behold, my first zentangle! I am inordinately proud of how it has turned out.


It won’t be my last.


3 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I’ve been loving seeing you do these. I don’t have the patience or the drawing skill, although my mum has tried them. Yours are lovely.

    • There is very little drawing skill required, but lots of patience, that’s true. My ADHD tendencies include the hyperfocus element, so that comes in very useful for this sort of thing!

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