Tough week

If I was still volunteering, I would be giving myself a ‘mental health day’ off today.

As I now work for money, instead of the above I am giving myself a shower, a big breakfast and a stern talking to.

This week, balancing work and home life has fallen apart and everything feels impossibly tricky.

If you know a single working parent who appears to have it all together, be kind to them today. Just in case, like me, they’re secretly floundering a bit.

I know this is totally normal. By next week I’ll probably feel on top of things again for a while. I’m holding out for the Easter holidays to catch up on the admin and phone calls I’m too mentally exhausted and busy to achieve when I get home from work each day.

But today, this is my blog and I’m telling it like it is. And this week, how it is feels almost impossible!


2 thoughts on “Tough week

  1. “This too shall pass” (You’re doing great, All working mums are like swans, they can appear serene on the surface but underneath they a paddling like mad! It’s just sometimes a big wave comes and it’s hard to keep paddling) Alison xx

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