Portrait of a weekend

Me. Two girls.

Takeaway. Comic Relief. Deliciousness; laughter; no washing up required.

The sleep of the truly tired after a week at work.

Laundry. Hanging; sorting; folding; putting away.

Bin bags. Tidy rooms. Huge sense of accomplishment all round.

More laundry. Huge pile of it in a queue for the machine.

Visit from Grandma bearing gifts of clean washing and new mirror. Cuppa; chat; more laughter.

Hanging the mirror. Tidy bedroom yet more enhanced.

Very late night. Tears. Talking. Honesty. Cuddles. Love; lots and lots of that will get us through a time of potential change and upheaval (again).

More tidying. More binbags. More laundry.

Lots of tea and sofa time.


I’m typing this post while cooking the pancakes. Who knows what Sunday evening will bring? I’m hoping for more of the same: peace, calm, harmony, pride. And above all  a sense of a weekend well done.


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