Another week down

Friday again and we’re halfway through this half term already! I’m starting to settle into my role a little more comfortably now – I still look slightly incredulously at myself as I walk round a school as a member of staff instead of a volunteer!

I’m also very proud of the fact that I’ve managed to train my bladder to cope with the school day – I was seriously quite worried about that… 😉

X and I are building a nice relationship now – this week I’ve really noticed us getting on more easily, and I am starting to feel like I know what makes him tick a little bit more. I am also starting to feel really protective of him and naturally advocating for him when he needs it, like I would with my own children.

Also as well as building a relationship, we are managing to get some work done and I’m settling into a bit of a routine (most days anyway!).

I want to share a lovely moment with him today, when we were discussing how saying ‘all girls are smelly and horrible and I hate them all because they are girls’ (he didn’t say that, I was using an example!) was a sexist remark. He laughed, said ‘you’re a girl and you’re nice’, gave me a cuddle and as I cuddled him back (hugging is positively encouraged at our school) he said ‘you smell friendly’. *Big grin*

I’m looking forward to a lovely quiet weekend with Eldest – the other 2 are with their dad. I’m extra sleepy at the moment which I think is partly getting used to a working week combined with all my responsibilities at home, and partly the fact that I’m slowly tapering off my antidepressants – I’ve read that this process can have tiredness as a side effect. I keep accidentally falling fast asleep on the sofa in the early evening, and still sleeping like a log as soon as I go to bed!

Eldest is watching Silent Witness and I keep glancing up and seeing huge pictures of severed fingers on the screen *shudders*.


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