The helenprev recipe for a lazy lazy Sunday



Three children

A bed

A slow cooker

A sofa


Serves: 4

Time taken: All day


– Get woken by Three climbing into bed with me at about 8.30.

– Alarm goes off on my phone at nine. Switch it off and continue to snuggle with Three.

– Fall into a dream-filled sleep from which it is impossible to escape. Dream, amongst other things that I’ve slept in a sleeping bag on the pavement on the corner of our road, that I’ve fainted in the town centre and been rescued by my A level English teacher who I haven’t seen since 1990, and that One has cut all her hair off whilst staying with her dad for the weekend.

– Finally manage to stay awake for more than five minutes at a time and emerge from under the duvet at 20 to 12.

– Do a bit of tidying up, grumbling about the fact that the children treat the living room floor like a rubbish bin. Shamefacedly pick up a couple of empty crisp packets which I’d left on the floor myself…

– Sit down on the sofa and chill out reading blogs on google reader while all the kids relax watching TV or playing on their laptop. Revel in the fact all four of us are in the same room for once.

– Casually mention in conversation a Jonathan Creek episode from 1997 which had me too scared to lick envelopes for a very long time (anyone else watch that particular one?)

– Discover that all the series of Jonathan Creek are in fact available to watch on Lovefilm Instant. Spend the best part of the afternoon watching the first three episodes with the kids.

– Pause it at various points to make hot drinks for us all and lunch (at after 3 but never mind – the chicken went in the slow cooker late so the evening meal won’t be till about half six!)

– Discover while One is flicking through the TV guide on Freeview that Ski Sunday is going to be on soon. Get all excited and demand that we put it on, reminiscent of Sunday afternoons in my own teenage years. 🙂

– Ponder the various things I was intending to achieve today. Then think ‘stuff it; it’s Sunday afternoon’ and refuse to feel even slightly guilty.

We’re currently watching the end of the snooker and I have virtually not moved from the sofa since I got out of bed at nearly lunchtime. We’re going to have slow cooked chicken (which I chucked some lemon juice over) with oven chips and peas later on. I can’t actually think of a nicer way to spend a January Sunday.



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