My favourite conversation of today

X: “If you had a baby lamb and it was your pet, would you have a girl or a boy and what would you call it?”

Me: “Oh I think I’d have a girl lamb and call it Henrietta. What about you?”

X: “I’d have a boy lamb and call it Baaaaaaabara!”

In other news, the snow that is forecast to arrive in the early hours of tomorrow morning appears to have not read the memo from the met office and is beginning now. I’ve had a text from school to say that due to the forecast the children on Three’s trip will  be leaving Lancashire straight after breakfast tomorrow instead of after lunch. Hope they get home ok.

I need to do a quick Tesco trip, probably sooner rather than later – but I want to finish my cup of tea first!



One thought on “My favourite conversation of today

  1. Tell your pupil that my brother, who is a shepherd, once had a pet lamb that he and his then wife called “Mower” because it mowed the lawn for them!

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