Energy levels rising

Last Wednesday evening, I felt so dreadful with a hideous headache due to exhaustion that I was worried I was going to be properly ill.

This evening, I am feeling perfectly ok. Hopefully this is a good indicator that I’m starting to settle in to the job and the school a bit now! (In the interests of full disclosure, I did manage an hour’s sleep when I got home today as everyone else was out!). I realised quite suddenly today that I’m now recognising almost all the staff whenever I see them now, and either know their names, or their role in school – and very occasionally, both! The children are another matter; being a 1:1 worker means that I don’t interact with the others in the class as part of my role very often – I know the names of the four other children who sit at X’s table, and about 2 or 3 others, but that’s all so far! I’m hoping by half term I will have sussed them all out – I’m trying to commit one new name to memory each day.

Three went off this morning on her year 4 residential trip to have exciting adventures in Lancashire till Friday (and possibly get snowed in, according to the weather forecast! Eek!) She was hugely excited. I was hugely excited for her but really can’t quite believe she’s old enough to go off and do this yet… must remember that 8 years old is NOT a baby any more! I couldn’t stay to wave the coach off as I had to be at work for an important meeting, but managed to get enough time off to take her in with her bags instead of sending her to breakfast club. I’m surprised I didn’t cry as I left her – I had been quite sure I would! I think knowing she is going with her best friends, and in such good hands with a caring group leader helped a lot.

Lots of positives at work today. I attended a meeting which was brilliant for my professional development and also gave me a fuller understanding of the needs of my child. He had a good day with no meltdowns. I walked out of school with a spring in my step (and nearly slithered onto my bottom on the ice!)

Before I go to bed tonight, I need to make a photocopy of a document and fill in a form which has to be posted tomorrow at the very latest. Instead I seem to be sitting on the sofa eating fruity polos.

Oh well. I’ll get there!



One thought on “Energy levels rising

  1. It took me a long time to grasp the names of all the staff when I started work in my school, as you have to learn 2 names. Mrs X & also just the Christian name to use in the staffroom.

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