Hello poor neglected blog!

Um… Happy New Year to anyone who is still hanging around wondering if I’m ever going to post anything ever again!

I appear to have been all consumed with Life, The Universe and Everything – which can mostly be summed up by Three Children and New Job.

I’ve now completed my first week of the new term, doing my role ‘properly’ now the chaos of Christmas in school is over. It was incredibly exhausting. I loved it but there is so much to do, so much to remember and working with a child with ASD is an extremely unpredictable science!

I have spent quite a bit of time sitting on the floor chatting with him to calm him down; some time having insults hurled at me (I don’t take any of them even slightly personally and they whoosh over my head!) and some time actually getting some work done with him. And a lot of time having the most delightful conversations and laughter – he is fab. School is a very difficult place for him and I am still learning how to best help him.

Everything that happens, throughout each day, I scribble down on post it notes and then write it all up in an exercise book. It’s a useful record of learning and behaviour, and a good reflection for me; often as I’m writing I can look at the day more objectively.

I am absolutely loving the challenge. But all last week I was so completely consumed by the newness of it all that I couldn’t quite cope with the rest of life when I got home, and just wanted to sleep! I had a permanent headache. I know that it will get easier.

Today ‘my’ child, X, was not in school, so I had an unexpected day of planning and making resources; extremely helpful as usually my working hours are so taken up with supporting X that I don’t have time to get ahead of myself; I’m constantly thinking on my feet and running to catch up.

As for home, I’m trying and mostly failing to keep on top of tidying and laundry, trying and entirely failing to speak to the person I need to speak to at school about the child who is unable to attend school at the moment due to severe depression, making a slightly better stab at filling in bits of essential paperwork, at least some of the time, and being slightly unable to process the fact that Three is going off for her first school residential, for 2 nights, on Wednesday!

Since going back to school I feel rather as though I’m floundering in deeper water than I’m used to; not doing anything as clever as swimming – but at least not entirely drowning either. I am confident it will all get easier. And I’m saying that, feeling that confidence, on a continued halved dose of antidepressants. Hurrah! I’m starting to look forward to a time when I am doing without them altogether. 🙂

Getting up at 6am on weekdays is becoming second nature now. It makes the lie ins at the weekends feel even more decadent than ever before!

Today it rained at home but snowed at work. They get real snow in the next county to ours! It was like a winter wonderland! Coming out of school I drove past a fabulous snowman outside a house just down the road. I wanted to stop and take a photo but it is a narrow road and there was someone driving towards me.

I want to post more often. I’m missing blogging.


2 thoughts on “Hello poor neglected blog!

  1. Indeed it is, and I hope your child gets better from his/her depression as well and as thoroughly as you are getting well from yours! Glad the job is being wonderful.

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