Disconnected Christmas snippets

– My mum bought me a gorgeous pair of ultra soft fleecy pyjamas for Christmas. On opening them yesterday, I declared that a) I would wear them all day on Boxing Day, and b) As the top is white, I was almost certain to throw tea down them.

– Both of these predictions have come true.

– It feels both immensely strange and immensely freeing to be properly ‘on holiday’ from work (not really a holiday when your hours are term time only, but still), and for my free time to be entirely my own without the daily obligation of filling in the jobsearch booklet for the job centre.

– The children have spent Christmas with their dad this year as it is his turn. It’s the first time I haven’t seen them at all on Christmas Day. We had our family Christmas together on Friday before they left, with presents and Christmas dinner. It was lovely. Yesterday I spent with my mum, and that was lovely too. I’ve been making the most of the peace and aloneness, indulging my inner hermit happily.  I can’t pretend I haven’t missed the children immensely though. One returns home tomorrow; Two and Three on Saturday. Normal happy chaos will resume. 🙂

– My phone died on Saturday morning. I woke up and it was completely lifeless, inexplicably. A perusal of the internet showed me that I’m not alone – eek! It’s now gone off for repair but won’t be back till sometime in January.

– J (who came to stay for a pre Christmas visit) and I went over to Stoke to take the phone to the Samsung repair shop. While we waited for them to assess it, we decided on a whim to go and have our feet nibbled by fish in the shop next door! I didn’t know what I would make of it, but I loved it and would definitely go again. Very relaxing, even for someone as ticklish as me! We both found that our feet felt lovely and tingly for several hours afterwards.

– I lasted for one day without my phone before deciding to buy myself an Android tablet as a Christmas/New Job present! I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and am very pleased with it. I’m the first to admit it’s a bit of an indulgence and was definitely a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’… but I’m cutting myself a bit of slack on this one. 😉

– I haven’t watched much TV over Christmas, despite thinking it would be on constantly. I loved Call the Midwife, half watched Downton Abbey with Mum (despite having never seen it before!) and am going to watch Miranda now.



2 thoughts on “Disconnected Christmas snippets

  1. Also yay for the tablet, I stole Thom’s Auntie’s iPad for an hour or so when we were on holiday and today I finally bought one for myself. A definite want rather than need but you can’t be sensible all the time!

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