Quick update

Work is going well, lots and lots to learn and in January I will jump in with both feet and just hope I find I can swim, or at least tread water till I learn to swim! However, I currently have a stinking cold which I know is the direct result of being subjected to alien germs from a neighbouring local authority!

One and I had a trip to Manchester at the weekend. We travelled there on the train on Saturday morning, shopped till we dropped (window shopping mostly!) and had a fabulous time at a Saw Doctors gig in the evening. We stayed at the youth hostel, had a wonderful time and we are already planning to repeat the experience next year! We worked well as a team – I was in charge of the itinerary, and as she now knows Manchester better than me (her dad lives there), and I have no sense of direction, she was in charge of leading the way! She is such superb company and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Got home Sunday lunchtime, slept the afternoon away on the sofa and then went to bed ridiculously early because I still couldn’t keep my eyes open! I think the week and the weekend caught up with me all at once!

The house is going to rack and ruin since I’ve started being out every day. I need to find new routines and ways to keep on top of the essentials; it’s just chaotic and hit and miss at the moment. I decided today that one thing I have to accept is that although I get home at about 3.15 each day, I won’t actually sit down and rest until after tea at about 6. If I can get into that habit, and start to craft a plan for different things on different evenings, it might be ok. 25 hours a week is far from full time, but in terms of school hours, it almost is, especially when the commute is added on. (I’m still thoroughly enjoying the commute).

This afternoon/evening, I have managed to do some food shopping, make spaghetti bolognese for tea, tidy up the living room enough that I can stand to be in it, clear the dining table, wash up after tea and make tomorrow’s sandwiches. I’m quite pleased with that.

I’ll be glad when the admin side of starting work is all finally sorted out. Every day brings letter after letter from the DWP, the tax credits people, and a CRB (amazing how quickly they come through these days now you can do them online!), and one document after another I need to find and bring into school with me in order to get officially employed.

Today was Three’s year group’s Christmas party. When I went to collect her from the after school club, she excitedly told me about what Santa had given her. “Ooh, did Santa come?” I asked. J, standing next to Three, piped up: “It was Mr H…..!” (a caretaker). Three looked over to the caretakers’ office to see if Mr H was in there. “Ssshhhhhhh….” she whispered. “He might hear you!” I’m still not sure if she really thought Mr H had no idea he was Father Christmas and she didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

This post feels disjointed and my head feels full of mush. I think I will leave it there and stop rambling now! Bed. With an entire toilet roll next to me to mop up my streaming facial orifices…


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