Notes on a Friday

If this was a handwritten diary, this would be scribbled, brief and probably illegible.

– There was far less traffic this morning than usual. I got to work early. I hope all Friday mornings are like this!

– X had a good day and I spent the majority of mine with him. I feel as though we are beginning to build a relationship now. Looking forward to getting my teeth really into the role in January once the curriculum gets back to normal and he is able to cope again in the classroom with his peers.

– Overwhelming feeling as I drove home this afternoon at the end of my first week? I LOVE my job and I am so lucky and privileged to have been appointed into this role. Although it isn’t easy, and I’ve lots to learn and lots of challenges to face, it really doesn’t feel like ‘work’ because I’m just enjoying every minute.

– I’ve returned the little red hire car now and have got my car back from the garage until Monday afternoon when I’ll take it back to be finished off and retested.

– Because I don’t possess a passport, I’ve had to order my full birth certificate so that work can prove I have a right to work in this country and thus process my contract. I only have a short version. The full one arrived today and interestingly it states very clearly that I am adopted, and that my parents’ names are actually my adoptive parents. Of course I am fully aware of this fact, but I can only imagine how someone would feel if this was news to them and they received a certificate like this in the post! It was accompanied by a tactfully worded letter (along the lines of: ‘we could not find any record of you in the Births Index, but we searched the Adoptions Index and found you in there instead’), and forms to fill in if I wanted to access my original birth records (already done that years ago!). It’s really interesting to look at the certificate and see the ways in which it is set out differently from a standard birth certificate.

– This evening, Two and Three have gone with their dad until Sunday, and tomorrow morning One and I are jumping on a train to Manchester so we can have a day of shopping, an evening at a Saw Doctors gig (my favourite band who are completely awesome live) and a night in a youth hostel. It’s our pre-Christmas treat to ourselves and we’re very excited!

– Having a working week for the first time in 14 and a half years is certainly making the weekends more defined, and I like that. 🙂

– For now, all I want to do is go to bed. So I will.


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