Verging on the ridiculous now…

Since gaining employment last Thursday, I have received two further offers of interviews from other schools I recently applied to, which I have of course turned down.

Today on leaving work I checked my voicemail to discover a message from a third school asking me to come for a ‘pre-interview chat’ this Thursday! I’ve been sending off variations of identical application forms and covering letters for months and months, so have no idea what has sparked this sudden surge of interest!

Really good day today. I spent more time with X (my child, whose name does not begin with X but I’m keeping everything as anonymous as possible as this is a public blog! Will not be saying where I’m working either) and did some 1:1 work with him which went quite well. I do feel I’ve been very lucky so far, behaviour wise, and have yet to deal with anything too extreme! At the end of the afternoon I spent some time covering for a colleague in the Reception class which was fab – I haven’t been in Foundation Stage for a long, long time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I now have an induction timetable running up to Christmas and feel more organised and glad to know what should be happening each day! This morning we were given a whistle stop training tour of phonics and handwriting – I need to learn the cursive style as my volunteering school didn’t use that method!

Three did her first breakfast and after school stints at the Out of School club attached to her school. It was very odd dropping her off at 7.30 and not picking her up again till 5.30! Thankfully she had a fabulous time and can’t wait to go again tomorrow. 🙂

Two and Three are currently being let loose with the Christmas decorations. Two just came in to me and said ‘Mum, our plan is to seriously over-decorate the Christmas tree. So far it’s going quite well…’ Good job I have no illusions that Christmas and taste go hand in hand! 😉

I’m so much less tired today, even though I have actually had more child-contact than yesterday. I think a much better night’s sleep helped tremendously. By Friday though I am sure I will be utterly drained – and instead of a quiet weekend recovering, One and I are off to Manchester on Saturday to see the Saw Doctors! Hurrah!


4 thoughts on “Verging on the ridiculous now…

  1. Good for Two! Especially as One is going along with it – suddenly they will get to an age when the Christmas tree must have a Theme, so you can only use the purple and silver tinsel, say, and the red and blue stuff is Not Allowed This Year, and then there are Tears because someone’s Favourite Ornament Without Which it is Not A Proper Tree is condemned…. seriously over-decorating is a plan.

    And jobs, of course, are like buses….

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