Thoughts on a First Day

– I was drinking tea at 2.30 this morning. This is having gone to bed before 10 with the hope of having an early night, and then finding my brain too active! Finally got to sleep and then the alarm went off at 6 a.m.

– This morning was reasonably easy as there was only me to sort out. Tomorrow I have to do it all again plus three other people…

– I enjoyed the drive to work and found I was heading directly towards a beautiful sunrise. Gorgeous and felt somehow apt!

– Today was a day of induction training, introduction to many members of staff, lots of information to fill my now overflowing brain, and a low key meeting of ‘my’ child in the afternoon. He is fab.

– Two of us have started together, which is great as neither of us feels quite so alone or at sea with someone else to tag along with! We’ll be doing a similar role but in different Key Stages.

– We are being inducted very thoroughly. I have tons of information to read and lots of relevant training literature to photocopy in odd moments this week. And have been given a lever arch file to put it all in. I like this thoroughness very much. πŸ™‚

– Went into Three’s school when I collected her from sewing club, and sorted her out with childcare with the on site ‘out of school’ club. Tomorrow morning I’ll be dropping her off at 7.30 which feels very strange! Weekday dynamics are changing significantly and it’s going to take some getting used to for us all.

– The upside of having less than four hours’ sleep and then an exhausting day of new information is that I will almost certainly sleep like a log tonight!

– I am very happy. I am very tired. I am a bit worried about being less available for the children.

– Someone tell me I will get used to this and will not spend the next year resembling a grumpy zombie? (Quite accurate description of my current state…)


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a First Day

  1. Most of the time I’m quite grateful to leave the grumpy zombie at another school all day and collect it later! The guilt trip comes when they don’t want to go/feel under the weather/miss something that is happening at 3.30 but that generally doesn’t happy often.

    Oh, and you do get used to it!

  2. You will get used to this! And your kids are fab and will adjust. And you’ll find that that time you get together will be all the more appreciated πŸ™‚ Plus, in a few weeks it’ll be Christmas and you’ll all be sick of each other and ready to go back to work if you’re anything like our family πŸ˜‰ You could always see if it’s possible to set aside specific time with each one alone, maybe, once you’ve settled into a routine?

    I’m really glad that they’re supportive at work and that you’ve got a new person starting with you – makes it that much less intimidating! And that things went so well on your first day. Fingers crossed that the drop-off at 7.30 tomorrow goes well. Now I gotta stop complaining about having to be at the train station for 8am…

  3. I think I resemble a grumpy zombie a lot of the time, unfortunately! This changes when I get to bed before 10.30pm though! Glad it went well and that they’re thorough and supportive!

  4. You’ll probably a resemble a grumpy zombie all this term, but you’ll adapt and after Christmas it will all become normal and your energy levels will rise again.

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