Saturday so far

– After a night of the weirdest dreams I have had for a long time (I am seriously worried about the state of the inside of my head at the moment if my dream life last night is anything to go by!), I was woken by Three who climbed into my bed for a big cuddle soon after 9am. What a marvellous way to ease into the day!

– I set up a pikelets breakfast bar for us this morning – home made pikelets with a choice of fillings lined up on the table (golden syrup, jam, lemon & sugar). The link is from BabyMac’s excellent blog and is the easiest pikelets recipe in the whole wide world – as I commented there, I foresee a lot of pikelets in my near future!

– One and I walked into town for a bit of light retail therapy. She got a new pack of nose studs and I bought felt tip pens for the family craft tub and a pack of biros because they appear to get eaten in our house (or taken by Borrowers, or something). It is a lovely sunny day and it was nice to get out for some fresh air.

– Two and Three stayed at home and played Minecraft.

– When we got home, One’s attempt to remove her retainer stud and put a new pretty coloured nose stud in was rather fraught. Eventually after many frustrations and a few tears, we got the new stud in (with a bit of a shove from me…) – what a relief and it looks really pretty. She can keep it in now for over a week as it’s half term.

– Two has put an apple cake in the oven, One has been teaching herself how to play The Entertainer from the proper sheet music (it’s really difficult but she is tenacious and she will do it, I have every faith!) and now she and Three are sitting together colouring with the new felt tips.

– Downstairs is tidy and looking better than it has for a while because I spent some time moving a bit of furniture round yesterday and streamlining the blanket box, shoe chest and coat corner.

– It makes a change for me to be feeling relaxed on a Saturday because I’ve kept on top of house stuff during the week. I’ve been forcing myself to do stuff in the evenings instead of just sitting on the sofa all night and feeling guilty and stressed, and it’s made a huge difference to the daytimes. Definitely worth a bit of effort. Normally at the weekends I am constantly on edge and snapping at people trying to tidy up round three extra bodies making mess as they go!

– This, today, is about as close to domestic family bliss as we ever manage. I’m enjoying it while it lasts!



2 thoughts on “Saturday so far

  1. That’s one of those dialect things – what you call pikelets are drop scones to me and pancakes to my husband! And a very good idea, too – I think I might make some before I’m much older!

    My grandson will be round yours if there’s apple cake going – he loves it!

  2. To me they’re Scotch pancakes – pikelets are more like crumpets, but made without the ring so they’re flat – but either way, they look delicious!

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