140 characters

– Busy week. Tough in places. Fabulous in other places. Blog suffering. Facebook suffering. Twitter not suffering as 140 characters achievable

– Have felt like a terrible parent and a wonderful parent at times this week in approx. equal measure. Shouting and hugging have both featured

– Went to GCSE ‘Raising Aspirations’ evening at high school. Motivational speaker superb but maybe not best for child already ill with anxiety

– Fell fast asleep on sofa by accident on Tuesday and Two cooked and served up the entirety of our evening meal for us all. What a total star.

– Tuesday & Wednesday volunteering in year 2 and year 5 were excellent & a great boost to my self esteem. I needed that this week! Want a JOB!

– Went to bed last night knowing I was knackered but not expecting to end up staying in bed till 10 to 2 this afternoon. Must have needed that

– Put a loaf of bread in the freezer & sliced my middle finger on a packet of frozen beef mince, making it bleed (the finger, not the mince).

– Life is so much calmer than this time last year. Doesn’t say much for this time last year! Situation’s not changed much but my attitude has.

– Blogging alongside all my parenting roles seems impossible at the moment. Follow me on Twitter for life’s minutiae 140 characters at a time!


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