Two conversations

I’ve been in Year 5 for the first time this morning. These are children I know very well indeed. I am absolutely delighted to see them all again.

Child 1 skipped out of her classroom to read with me, all smiles.

Me: Hello! I am so pleased to see you! How’s year 5 treating you?

C1: It’s ok…..

Me: Just ‘ok’?

C1: Well…. I wish I was still in year 4.

Me: Do you? Why?

C1: I don’t want to grow up. Because I don’t want to die…

I assured this morbid nine year old that it was unlikely she was going to die today, and all smiles again she read to me beautifully.


Child 2 had just washed her hands with soap before lunch:

C1: Owwwwww! Mrs P! My paaaaaaaper cut is stiiiiiiingiiiiing….. oooowwwwwwww!

Me: Oh no! How absolutely dreadful! You poor poor child. Paper cuts are horrendous. Do you know, I would rather have my finger chopped off than have a paper cut!

C1: Oooooh, I’d rather have a paper cut!

Me: There you go then. Your day just got a lot better.


Just call me Teaching Assistant of the year. I’m sure someone will want to give me a job soon….


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