Autism Clinic with Two. Gut reaction post.

We went this afternoon.

Yes, Two is ‘On The Autistic Spectrum’.

No, he isn’t being given a diagnosis because he is highly functioning and highly intelligent therefore he isn’t handicapped enough by his ‘autistic traits’.

He does however have a clear and recognisable diagnosis of Phobic Anxiety Disorder.

To this end he is being referred back to CAMHS for what will probably be CBT to treat his phobic anxiety attacks.

How do I feel now about this, right now, three hours after emerging from the appointment?

– Angry

– Surprised

– Resigned

– Hopeful for treatment helping with his phobias

– Stupid

– Embarrassed. Feeling like I’ve somehow failed a job interview by answering all the questions wrong.

– Bereaved of any support we may have got for the autistic parts.

– Grumpy

– Unsure what to do next to help him

– Stuck back in the waiting game again.


6 thoughts on “Autism Clinic with Two. Gut reaction post.

  1. I am cross on your behalf. If he is “on the spectrum”, that IS a diagnosis and refusing to call it one is ridiculous. Having an ASD doesn’t prevlude other issues such as the phobic anxiety fisorder – kids on the spectrum nearly always have other issues/disorders that go alongside the ASD diagnosis. I am frustrated on your behalf and would like to rant at somebody for you.

    Sorry. This was meant to be a supportive email.

    Have some tea and I’ll tell you about the beautiful double rainbows I have seen recently.



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  2. Sending lots of hot tea and agreeing with Rachel. Would they say ‘Oh he only has one leg, but we won’t diagnose him as only having one leg because he can hop well’?
    ASD is known to have lots of co-morbids as well as to be hidden by other conditions and by intelligence. Frustrated and angry for you and saddened that you are still having to fight every step of the way.

    Hope the tea and biscuits help. Shout this way if you like.

  3. *puts the kettle on*

    I’m glad you have a diagnosis and some answers even they aren’t the one’s you were expecting. Shock & anger are unsurprising in the circumstances but hopefully when the dust settles this will help you all. xxx

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