A week in highlights

“You can’t argue with grammar. You actually can’t. It’s physically impossible.” – Son, just now…

So what can I tell you about the past week? It has gone by in a bit of a blur.

Last Saturday: An unexpected visitor arrived in the form of J needing some TLC and a place to escape to for a few days. We were happy to oblige (though I would be the first to admit that though we welcome visitors, our house is anything but a quiet retreat!). His imminent advent forced me to tidy my bedroom which hardly had room for me in it among all the mess, let alone someone else as well. I was delighted to have done that, and it is still nice and tidy today. 🙂

Sunday: We took J National Trusting to Little Moreton Hall, complete with sandwiches, fruit and a flask of tea. How middle class can you get? We had a great time though a certain child got rather overstimulated and containing him was rather hard work. Also I’m not sure the lady supervising the dressing up really appreciated my children’s particular style of play – she is clearly used to calm quiet dressed up children admiring themselves in the mirror, rather than excited noisy children pretending to assassinate each other…


Made me giggle though…


Tuesday: I went back into school for my first volunteering day of this academic year, and J went to spend the day with my mum. It’s a long time since I was helping in Key Stage 1 (year 2) and I was really nervous, but I was working with two of my very favourite ladies in the whole wide world, which made it much easier. The classroom looks lots more spacious when the children are smaller! I managed to learn about three or four names, all of which I will have forgotten by next week, but I’ll get there in the end. I heard lots of very awesome children read and generally had a fabulous day. I know that I am going to LOVE Tuesdays. 🙂

J went home on Tuesday evening. We both cried.

Wednesday: I would have been volunteering in year 5 with my lovely year 4s from last year, but had to send my apologies as it was Review Day at the secondary school. Two children, two appointments with form tutors; one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. I spent a lot of time there on Wednesday! Both meetings were positive and I came away feeling that school are committed to doing everything they can to support the needs of my two rather complicated, fabulous children. I spent the whole evening as a taxi service for all three children’s social lives. Wednesdays are going to become the new Thursdays, this year…

Thursday: Signed on. Mused to myself on the fact that I seem to have lost all my self confidence again when it comes to jobseeking. I have found five jobs to apply for this week. A few months ago I would have thought ‘I can totally do that job!’ and filled in the application form with confidence. Now all I think is ‘why on earth would they want to employ me?’ and avoid the application form until the last minute. Meh.

Friday: Took my mum to B&Q, Wickes and Dunelm Mill in search of a curtain track she needed, and to Tesco for her shopping. In return, she took me for a carvery for lunch. It was a lovely day! After school I put Son on a train for his first solo journey to Manchester where his dad was waiting at Piccadilly to get him off at the other end. One and I spent the evening watching comedy on the TV.

Honourable mention for the whole week: Ever since Three went back to school, we have done every single school run by bicycle. She cycles on the pavement, I cycle on the road next to her, and then cycle home again. We love it; we get there much more quickly than walking, it is good exercise and I’m not using petrol (which is absolutely extortionate these days!) It also means I am cycling three miles a day which has to be a good thing.

Saturday: We made Turd Biscuits (see previous blog post). I fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Again, One and I spent several hours in front of the TV in the evening.

Another busy week ahead, so today is a day of rest (ish). No such thing as actual rest when there are three children here and a chaotic house to run!



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