Our Shropshire trip in pictures

Just a few pictures to supplement the words I provided you with yesterday! Yes, I could go back to that entry and add the pictures in at the appropriate places –
but this is quicker and I am a lazy blogger!


The view of the Shropshire hills from our tent. Glorious:




Swingball in the rain, nothing stops my children!:



Dressing up as the Iron Age at the Secret Hills Discovery Centre:


The friendly mammoth outside the Secret Hills Discovery Centre. One and Two were very excited to see it again. Three didn’t remember it at all (last time we went, she was only 2):



Dam building underway at Carding Mill Valley:



Bacon butties for breakfast – making the most of no rain by eating outside while we could!:



Sunset on the last night. Our reward for the previous two evenings of rain!:


2 thoughts on “Our Shropshire trip in pictures

  1. Your dressing up with some jeans poking out, reminds of of the Iceni Village we went to. They were wearing jeans. On the model.

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