Snippets from a busy Monday

– Signed on post-holiday this morning, having not been able to go on my usual day (Thursday) due to being in a tent at Newark Showground! I left home rather later than I had intended to, and ended up doing ‘Scout’s Pace’ (20 steps walking alternated with 20 steps running) all the way into town and arrived at the job centre exactly on time in 6 minutes! Even having sat down for 10 mins to sign on and then walked home at a leisurely pace, I was still sweating when I got back!

– Drove to the Trafford Centre with the children so they could meet their dad for a birthday lunch (he is 40 today) at Pizza Express. I had 2 and a half hours entirely to myself and I spent most of them sitting in the food court eating a Big Mac meal and watching the Olympics on a big screen; absolute bliss!

– I’m really surprised at my sudden enthusiasm for watching the Olympics – I have returned home from New Wine and been glued to the TV screen along with the children virtually ever since! It doesn’t even matter what sport it is – I’m just fascinated and hypnotised by all of them!

– One turns 14 tomorrow and is out at the moment with her best friend at the Chinese buffet – best friend is sleeping over here tonight too so Three has been moved out of their shared room and is now settled down excitedly in my bed for the night! I will go and join her later and hope she doesn’t kick too much in her sleep (she is probably hoping I don’t either!)

– Two and Three have been very difficult today – sometimes two of the children just… clash… and today the pair of them clashed loudly! I totally exhausted myself exercising non-violent discipline when what I was itching to do was bang their heads together and scream obscenities at them… you will be pleased to hear I didn’t do either!

– One has already had her phone for her birthday, but I do have a couple of other bits to wrap for her to open in the morning. I am totally out of energy and motivation for cake making, though, and will do that in the morning!

– For now, a big mug of tea and more Olympics. I am liking these evenings. When the children go to their dad’s for a couple of days tomorrow afternoon, I may not leave the sofa for the duration expect to walk to the kettle… 😉


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