I graduated!


The hat stayed on.

The pipe organ featured heavily and loudly during the ceremony. Two hated those parts. But he survived.

My careful military precision travel planning paid off. All of us ended up in the right places at the right time and I handed the guest tickets over with no stress needed!

I might write more coherently and fully about it all another day. For now, I’ll just say that I loved it; I’m bloody proud of myself, and the best sound in the world was hearing my three children cheering at the tops of their voices as I stepped on the stage, from right up in the furthest top row of the highest gallery.

All the hard work was well and truly worth it, just for that sound.


13 thoughts on “I graduated!

  1. Well done! And am glad it all worked out, the hat stayed on and Two coped with the pipes. And I love that you could hear them cheering 🙂

  2. Congratulations!
    This was posted on the CBB earlier and made me thing of you. Hope you followed the advice given 😉

    “Advice to young female graduates attending degree ceremonies:

    (a) killer heels may look fantastic when you are standing still but you will not look so cool when trying to go up and down steps onto a stage in full public view…
    (b) feel free to wear a very short skirt if you want to, but you may wish to take into account the fact that when you walk across the said stage, the front rows of the audience are about three feet below you looking straight up…”

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