Another day, another set of logistics

Giving myself a few minutes to sit and blog in the middle of a busy day. I feel like I’m just running constantly to catch up with myself at the moment and that is not likely to change for a week or two yet!

Part One: The Past Week Or So In The Prev Household

I’ve been continuing my mission to get and keep the house safe, hygienic and pleasant to live in, with varying levels of success. The bad weather has led to an enormous backlog of laundry, which has been lying around the house in piles (huge pile in the kitchen: dirty washing in a queue for the machine; huge pile on the dining table: clean washing in a pile for the iron; huge pile in basket in living room: clean washing a little nearer to the actual ironing process: little piles on sofa: ironed clothes waiting to be put away).

However, Two and his dad did such an amazing job on his room last Saturday that it inspired One and I to make a start under her bed last Sunday. This continued across the floor this past Saturday, and then, six binbags later, on Sunday I moved a bit of furniture around to give both girls a dedicated section of room each. We are very proud of ourselves. All the children now have real bedrooms to relax in, instead of rubbish heaps with no visible floor. Their rooms were the final frontier of the Great House Sort Out and so everywhere now is reasonable and being kept on top of. This is major progress (as long as you ignore the laundry piles…).

Part Two: Saying Goodbye To A Special Lady Yesterday

Yesterday morning, my wonderful mum arrived early to take over the school run so I could get in the car and drive for over 2 hours to Doncaster in order to attend a celebration service for the life of ‘Auntie’ Pat Willimott who has been a friend both online and in real life for seven years now.

I was so glad to be there along with 17 other people from our corner of the internet, all wearing touches of lime green and representing many many more who weren’t able to make the journey. I think Pat’s friends and family were surprised and pleased to see how many lives she had touched across the country, and how very loved she was by us all. (Her husband was less surprised as he knows many of us well and was in fact wearing a lime green tie for the occasion!).

It was a wonderful service; the hymns were sung with gusto even through our tears (you’ve got to love Methodists for a good sing in all circumstances!); the eulogy, written by her husband Steve and read by a friend, was full, apt and had everyone nodding and smiling throughout, and the photos which were projected onto a screen gave us all a flavour of Pat through the years – and her enormous smile which shone out of every photo from the earliest baby picture to the most recent.

I was reflecting as I drove home just how lucky I am to be a part of this special community of people, drawn together initially by our love of a series of children’s books, but so many close, loving, supportive friendships have developed over the years. I watched during the service as people held onto others for support as they cried, and so many hugs, love and laughter afterwards as we gathered together to share food and memories of Pat. These are people I can be completely honest with about what is happening in my life, and not feel I have to put any sort of ‘face’ on. We are an amazing, caring bunch of people and Pat had a lot to do with that ethos developing. She will not be forgotten, and will be very much missed in so many ways.

I arrived at Mum’s house at 4pm, where two of my children were waiting for me, having driven home, exhausted, drained but so glad to have gone. Sank onto her sofa with a welcome cup of tea and then suddenly remembered that I had to take Three back to school for 5pm for a performance, and she would need feeding first! Lots more rushing around ensued, including collecting One from an appointment along the way. I eventually collapsed into bed about quarter to ten, having abandoned the washing up for the morning!

Part Three: Today’s Complicated Itinerary

Today is Graduation Day for me at the Bridgwater Hall in Manchester! Very exciting, but ridiculously complicated as my mum and the children are coming to watch, but we have to travel separately so that they can finish school and I can still get there in time to don my cap and gown.

Various stresses surrounding today:

a) (This is leading the field at the moment for some reason!) Will my hat fit? Did I measure my head accurately when I had to type the numbers into the website? Will it be too tight and give me a migraine? Will it be too loose and fall over my eyes? Will it be far too small and just fall off when I ascend the stairs to collect my certificate? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to this dilemma…

b) I looked at someone else’s graduation pictures from the same venue, on facebook, the other day. The place was totally packed. One child isn’t dealing well with crowds of people at the moment and became quite anxious at the sight of them all on the photo.

c) Another photo depicted a huge pipe organ which appeared to dominate the entire hall (Mum assures me it really isn’t as huge as all that!). Two, who is almost certainly on the autistic spectrum, is absolutely terrified of organ pipes. To the point where he has had to stay outside, out of sight of them, on a number of occasions when we’ve visited churches or cathedrals. I am now having visions of my mum having to cope with two children both having panic attacks for unrelated reasons…! Though I have warned Two about the organ pipes and so it won’t be a terrible shock. I might lend him the ipod touch for (silent) distraction therapy.

d) We have a 15 minute window between mum and the children arriving in Manchester and me having to be seated in my place with all the other students. During this time I need to find them and hand over their guest tickets so they can get in. Late trains could jeopardise this somewhat. I probably should be more anxious about this than about the hat, but the subconscious is a peculiar thing. 😉

Part Four: The Rest Of The Week

Tomorrow morning: volunteering in year 4. Tomorrow afternoon: attending school musical extravaganza performance with mum (watching Three singing songs from the musicals with the rest of year 3, among other musical delights). Tomorrow evening: helping at Cubs (I think, must check). Thursday morning: sign on. Thursday afternoon: housework especially laundry sorting. Thursday evening: take and collect Three from school again for evening performance. Friday morning: volunteering in year 4. Friday afternoon: One and Two break up for their summer holidays! Saturday morning: One’s Grade Three violin exam. Saturday evening: Meal out at the Chinese buffet with Mum, J and the children for my 40th birthday. 🙂 Sunday: Aaaaaand relax (I hope).

I’ll say one thing about life – it’s certainly not dull at the moment! And I have wonderful friends and family to share it with.


5 thoughts on “Another day, another set of logistics

  1. Oh poor Two, what a horrible thing to be frightened of. I am sure all your children will be fine, though, especially if they sit straight down, have something to do while they wait for it to start, and then look straight in front of them when the interesting bit happens!

    And I’m quite sure your hat will fit absolutely perfectly!

  2. I’m exhausted just reading about it. I feel we are on a never ending laundry cycle with two of us. And it doesn’t dry because it’s so wet!
    Re crowds: I’m thinking of my graduation and, while there were lots of people, because they were all seated they felt more ‘controlled’ if that makes sense. Afterward there were drinks indoors in a crowed room, but that bit can be escaped from more easily.

  3. I’m struggling with washing at the moment with the weather and there’s only me! I hope you do manage to enjoy your graduation, you’ve worked incredibly hard for it and deserve to celebrate and enjoy the day.

  4. Helen, I am at home for part of thursday if you would like me to take a couple of loads of washing I am more than happy to do them for you, hopefully it will be a nice day and although i don’t have a drier i do have a line! serious offer so let me know and i can pick them up from you : )

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