This is not a blog post…

I had every intention of blogging tonight, you know, like a proper post with proper words and news from the prev household and everything.

But real life keeps happening, and being a parent is more vital than writing about it, and yet again my attention was rightly focussed away from my blog and the internet.

I’m now drained, physically, mentally and emotionally. And setting my alarm for 6am to assist with some last minute French exam revision. I have an impressive bruise on my thigh from carrying a heavy TV up the stairs earlier, and a burn on my finger from forgetting I hadn’t switched off the slow cooker. Tomorrow I will be driving across the country to say goodbye to a lovely lady whom I am still finding it very difficult to comprehend we won’t ever see again.

So all my other news and chat will have to wait for another day. There will be no further blogging tonight. Words feel scarce for so many reasons.


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