A few words and phrases to sum up the past week

Busy (nothing new there then!)

Late nights – must do better so I’m not knackered all the time

Jobseekers’ Malaise (not mentioned in the DSM IV)

40th Birthday party of the friend I’ve known the longest. Lots of rain. Lots of lovely people. Delicious food. Bouncy castle (yes, I did. Yes, there is photographic evidence. No I haven’t decided whether to post the evidence on my blog or not!).

Sad, sad news of a death. Not unexpected, and I’m so glad she isn’t suffering any more, but just so sad. A big loss in the internet community I make my home among (though I knew her in real life too for the past seven years), and I can’t even imagine how her family are feeling.

Wondering, actually, how on earth SEVEN years has passed since I drove nervously up to Carolyn’s house in Lancaster one boiling hot July day to spend the day with a group of lovely, mad, funny caring women I’d never met before – many of whom I count as fabulous friends now.

Tidying. Two and his dad (who came round specially to help him) made an amazing difference in his room while us girls were out partying yesterday, and we girls were inspired to make a start in their room this afternoon.

Minecraft. Two and Three are obsessed with this game – him on the X Box and her on the laptop. Running commentaries from both of them. Attempts to teach me how to play. Hilarity and frustration in equal measure!

Watching Black Swan on DVD with One. Harrowing, but not as nightmare inducing as I might have expected. Did lots of wincing and jumping! Made me ponder the nature of mother-daughter relationships. I liked it.

Listening to the rain. An awful lot of rain, especially on Friday. It is falling again outside my bedroom window as I type.

Now, what did I say up there about getting an earlier night? Stayed in my pyjamas all day today so don’t have much getting ready to do now! Hurrah!


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