3. Best part of your day

This was a surprisingly difficult prompt – not because it’s been a bad day; quite the opposite really. Mostly because whatever I choose as the ‘best’ bit of my day, I’ll feel like I’m leaving other things out!

Anyway, I did make a decision in the end. Other contenders, in no particular order, before I post the winner, were:

– The cup of tea made for me by Three this morning after my alarm failed to go off and I overslept a little. (Turned out to be a new phone user error – fixed my mistake now in time for tomorrow!)

– Walking Three to school this morning and getting her there on time.

– Receiving my bargain purple phone case in the post – it looks really good and the phone is much less slippery to hold now.

– Watching One acting really well in her performance for her BTEC course this evening.

In the end though, I plumped for the walk home from school along the scenic route by the brook, with Three zooming along on her scooter. We both really enjoyed that:




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