Catch up

I have a shiny new phone (more on that later) so am testing out the WordPress app while I cook a rather late tea.

Life has been busy in the helenprev household and blogging has definitely suffered. I’m not at all sure how it got to be Thursday already but here we are!

Highlights of the week include:

– A visitor on Tuesday evening who we haven’t seen for years, though we keep up on Facebook. It was lovely to see her and have a good chat.

– The second birthday of our birthday season happened yesterday when Two turned 12. He celebrated by making his own Mississippi Mud Pie cake which is very rich and very scrumptious. He’s so clever!

– In the next six weeks, One and I have our turn to change to even numbers once more. On July 23rd I intend to turn 40 with cheerfulness and joy, and 2 weeks later she will become 14! We both have had our presents a little early in the shape of new phones. I decided it was time One had a contract and a smartphone like the majority of the rest of her year group and we got a good deal with all you can eat data, unlimited texts and 300 minutes plus free Three to Three calls meaning she can always phone me if she needs to.

– I have decided 40 is special enough to treat myself a little more than I usually would and I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which is the fanciest new phone out there at the moment and an enormous step up from anything I’ve ever had before. I’m still learning but I absolutely love it – it does virtually everything and once I’ve taught it to make me a cuppa I’ll be set up! 😉

On a sadder note,  this morning I attended the funeral of the wife of the vicar at a church I used to attend and still have many links with. She died very suddenly and unexpectedly and the church are still very shocked. It was a lovely service and the choir sang strongly and bravely through their obvious grief. I was very glad I was able to be there to add my presence to the vast number of people there to mourn for J, remember her life and support Father B and his family at this shocking time.

Other snippets while I’m here:

– I managed to win a second hand x box on ebay for Two’s birthday and along with minecraft he is a very happy 12 year old indeed. Minecraft is the current obsession!

– Three is enjoying playing out in the alley, or the ‘backses’ to use a Crewe term! She has a little posse of friends out there who are all younger than her – really nice for her as a youngest sibling to get the chance to be the oldest in a group without me having to have any more babies – result! 😉

Well I’ve been writing this post for an hour in between other things and have honed my Swype skills nicely (did I mention how much I love this phone?) so it is time I was elsewhere.

Will try not to have such a blogging gap next time and am hoping to have another go at the photo a day challenge in July. Watch this space!


One thought on “Catch up

  1. Nice catch up Helen. I also attended a funeral recently. They are strange emotional occasions, aren’t they. Glad you have treated yourself to a new phone. Enjoy playing with it!

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