Mish mash of garbled ramblings

– I’m going to skip yesterday’s and today’s #photoadayjune prompts due to unforeseen circumstances. Plan is to pick up again with tomorrow’s prompt.

– Things have calmed down a lot here recently but yesterday morning I found myself heading up to A&E again with a family member, who ended up being kept in on a ward overnight (mostly due to several communication errors, it seems). It was a very stressful day yesterday. All is well again now. Lessons have been learned all round.

– That sounds cryptic. I do apologise! It isn’t my tale to tell; but in order to post about my own experiences, I have to put it a bit in context!

– During the hours spent at the hospital yesterday, I discovered that in a stressful situation, the mere act of being handed a cup of tea by a nurse can reduce me to tears. I had no idea how much I needed that cup of tea until it was in my hands.

– Nurses are AWESOME. Care, kindness, a complete absence of judgmentalness and the instinct to know exactly when to offer a cup of tea!

-Yes, judgmentalness is so a word…

– I also discovered I am now at a point where I can burst into tears in front of several people I’ve never met before and not feel in the least bit awkward or ashamed about it. It’s taken me a long, long time to get to the point where I can openly wear my emotions on my sleeve and not hide behind a mask of ‘I’m fine’ in front of people. (This wasn’t the cup of tea incident; this was later on by which time I was far more stressed!)

– In between hospital visits, I found the time to go out for a fabulous meal yesterday evening with the ladies’ choir I used to sing with for eleven years until five years ago. The choir is finally coming to an end for various reasons, and this was their final summer meal so they invited those of us who had been part of the choir in the past.

– I have been to eleven summer choir meals previously, and even though there have been five summers since the last one, it really felt as though I’d never been away. Everyone was just the same; it was lovely to catch up with them all and the food (at the Farmer’s Arms in Ravensmoor) was delicious – though the excellent desserts were ENORMOUS and none of us could finish them!

– It all reminded me just how much I loved being part of a choir and how much I miss singing as part of a group. I fully intend to find another choir to join when the children are older and I am more available in the evenings again. I joined the choir when I first moved to Crewe, aged 24, and continued as a member through three pregnancies and births (obviously with breaks when babies came along!). I partly attribute all of the children’s musical talents to the amount of time they spent listening to me singing with the choir when I was carrying them!

– Two was averse to breastmilk in bottles and so for a while as a small baby he used to come with me to rehearsals and I would feed him when he needed it.

– One came along with me to a carol service in an old people’s home the Christmas she was 4 months old. I sang a solo about Mary and her baby, while holding One in my arms. 🙂

– Three came along to the summer choir dinner when she was 2 months old as by the time I had her we’d got rid of our bottles and steriliser and I really couldn’t be bothered to go down the whole expressing route!

– I finally gave up choir as the children got older and I found I was getting busier and busier with them, and also I’d started an evening course in GCSE Latin and needed to prioritise that. It was definitely the right decision, but I still miss it. It was just what I needed last night to see everyone again and be reminded of another part of who I used to be, and still am inside! 🙂

– It’s been a crazy couple of days. I’m feeling exhausted and think an early night is in order. I’m hoping all three children are in school tomorrow so I can catch up a bit on the jobs I’ve had to postpone for the last two days!


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