18. Something you don’t know about me

I thought and thought about this prompt throughout today. It is in my nature to be quite open on my blog and there isn’t much that readers don’t already know – anything I haven’t already told you is likely to be something I don’t want to be common knowledge, frankly!

So it made it rather difficult to come up with an interesting photo for something the readers of this blog don’t know about me already. And then late afternoon I was suddenly visited by inspiration!

I’ve recently taken up a pastime/habit/symptom of some strange psychological disorder (delete as applicable) which I haven’t indulged in since my teenage years. I used to use it as a way to de-stress in between coursework and revision for my A Levels (22 years ago, no less…). I invested a small amount of money in the equipment needed and have been remembering just how calming this particular pastime is for my racing overworked brain.

“And what is it?” I hear you all asking curiously.

Colouring in little squares on graph paper to make patterns:

The graph paper isn’t filling up as quickly as it used to in 1990, when I used to lie on my tummy on various lounge floors in the houses of the people I babysat for, colouring in blissful silence having got children to bed and then finished my homework.

There are two reasons for my slowness these days: mainly my myriad responsibilities leave far less time to sit and colour (though I do make time when I can as it does me so much good), and also the carpal tunnel syndrome that my third pregnancy kindly left me with means that after about 2 rows of squares I can’t feel my right hand at all and have to have a prolonged break!

It is difficult to explain the calm, peaceful, almost meditative effect this simple activity has on me. While I’m colouring, I am not distracted by anything around me, and my mind is free to wander where it likes. After a little session of filling in the tiny squares with my special Berol fine tipped pens (which I bought especially for this and are hidden away as mine and mine alone!), I feel as calm and relaxed as if I’ve had a little nap. I suppose the rigid order of the colours in the squares forces my chaotic mind into order for a while and helps me to feel more centred and less… messy.

I’ve been saving pictures of mosaics on Pinterest for a while now, for inspiration, but apart from a few small attempts on the previous page, the pattern in the above photo is all I’ve done so far. It will take a long time to fill the page, and then I’ll look at my inspiration board on Pinterest and see what else I can try to create.

So there you are. Something you didn’t know about me! I was going to post about it eventually, but hadn’t got around to it yet. This was the perfect opportunity to out myself as an obsessive tiny-square-colouring enthusiast!

Did anyone else ever do this, or was/is it just me?



4 thoughts on “18. Something you don’t know about me

  1. Wow! When I scrolled down to that picture I had a sudden flashback to doing this as a child. I had completely forgotten until your blog post. Thank you. *tries very hard not to go straight out and buy graph paper and felt tips*

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