Boasting, mostly. About today’s achievements and my daughter’s awesomeness!

Today has been a day for decluttering!

A big clothes sort out was long overdue, and I’ve been making a start over the past week or so by removing as much of the clothing off the children’s floors as possible and doing load after load of washing, then sorting the clean clothes into ‘keep’ and ‘go’ piles. ย The ‘go’ piles were much bigger than the ‘keep’ piles!

Today I took the battle to the front line – their chests of drawers! And discovered just how many items they had (the younger two in particular) that were years and years too small. Three had 44 pairs of knickers in her bottom drawer (I said 42 on Twitter, but then found two more pairs lurking among the socks!) which I managed to get down to 12 (plus whatever was in the wash/she was wearing).

I was ruthless with the clothes that still fit, as well, and by the time One came home from school, her siblings both had drawers that would open and close easily, with Actual Space inside them alongside neat and tidy folded garments!

One and I worked together on hers. She was in control of what she kept and what we decluttered – she passed me the clothes and I did the folding and putting away.

There are four full bin bags of clothes in the boot of the car and another one three quarters full in the kitchen. That is a ridiculous amount of excess clothes and I would be ashamed of how much we had held on to if I wasn’t so proud of myself for finally dealing with it all!

In both rooms I also dug out an awful lot more dirty washing off the floor (mostly Two’s – his room is still something of a health hazard but we’re working on it!) and a lot of that will also be leaving the house once it is clean and dry.


Warning: Shameless mother pride moment coming up:

One plays the piano. She has taught herself, with a few hints from me along the way ย  ย  – not very many hints I have to say – and she is hugely talented. From not having a single piano lesson ever, on Wednesday at school she was recorded for her GCSE music, playing a Grade 2 piece given to her by her music teacher which she has learned all on her own over the last few weeks. Music teacher said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by how well One had learned to play it.

The other day One brought home a Grade 4 piece to learn (music teacher having decided to raise the game a little). On first look it didn’t seem too bad, but it turns out it has fiendish timing and between us we spent a while trying to work out how it all fitted together.

What gobsmacks me is how quickly she picks things up. I started having piano lessons when I was seven, finally passing Grade 5 when I was seventeen and while I am fairly competent, One is in a different league altogether. Twenty minutes after we first started bashing out the rhythm and making up words to remind us how it went (“I would really like some chips” or somesuch!), she was playing the first two lines confidently, perfectly, and with the dynamics added in. I had actual tears of pride in my eyes!

She has no real idea just how talented she is. And though I keep telling her over and over again, I thought I would blog about it too! One of my favourite things is listening to her play the piano and I’m glad she enjoys it so much that she plays for pleasure an awful lot of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m getting a bit behind on posting the #photoaday pictures. It’s been a bit of a full on busy week keeping Three entertained but hopefully I will catch up soon with a few pictures at once.


4 thoughts on “Boasting, mostly. About today’s achievements and my daughter’s awesomeness!

  1. Wow!
    Well done you (and 1,2,3 on decluttering) and very very well done one on the piano playing. Can school do something about music lessons for her or is that not possible?

    • She has violin lessons at school, which is why she is so good at reading music (I taught her bass clef a couple of years ago). She seems to be improving in leaps and bounds just playing our piano at home virtually constantly, so I think that is good enough for the moment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations to you all on your decluttering. I totally understand what you mean about the joy & pride you get from hearing your child play a musical instrument ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I was very impressed when i heard her at yours the day she taught ellie to play the eastenders theme tune ( thanks for that!!!!!) she really does have a talent and hopefully her music teacher seems to have noticed, when one
    is rich and famous i will lay claim to knowing her!

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