10. Best bit of your weekend

Now what to choose for the best bit of my weekend? It has been a splendid weekend all round.

– Could it be the two huge lie ins I indulged in (getting up after one p.m. on Saturday, and at 11.30 this morning)?

– Could it be the joy of watching things sprouting and growing in the pots in my back yard?

– Could it be the satisfaction of getting to the bottom of the ironing basket at last? Nah, maybe not seeing as it is full again already!

– Could it be the two games of televised football a day I’ve been indulging in happily since Friday?

– Or maybe it’s the fact that I managed to win Two’s birthday present reasonably cheaply in an ebay auction yesterday?

Actually, there is only one real contender for today’s photograph. The best bit of my weekend has to have been welcoming these three back under the family roof once more!

Life just got a whole lot noisier, messier and more exhausting. But also a million times more FUN!

I love them to bits.



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