There’s no time like the present!

As there are twenty minutes to go till Netherlands v Denmark kick off, here’s a quick  round up of the current state of affairs in the Prev household!

– It’s half term. One and Two get one week off; Three gets two. I am planning free ways for the two of us to amuse ourselves together next week. All three are currently with their dad for a few days – home tomorrow. I’m currently making the most of the silence and alone time, mostly by staying in bed late each morning and eating my way through the one portion meals in the freezer to save money!

– I enjoyed a trip to Bridgemere garden centre with my mum on Thursday. She was feeling sad because she had had to say goodbye to one of her cats at the vets in the morning. 😦 We cheered ourselves up with lots of window shopping – particularly being cynical at the prices of things-you-never-knew-you-needed in the Lakeland outlet! – and some real plant shopping. I am excited by my garden this year and have a nice big tomato plant and six strawberry plants now to add to the peas and the herbs.

– Had my final counselling session yesterday; a bitter sweet moment as I will miss my lovely counsellor and I’ve been going and ranting at her cathartically for nearly two years. However, I know it is time to move on now and I have changed so much and learned such a lot about myself. I’m coping a million times better with life’s difficulties now and I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved. Life is still unpredictable and bumpy but I have a toolbox to deal with it now. 🙂

– Euro 2012 has begun and I am happily indulging in one of my guilty pleasures which is that of televised international football! I got really into the France 98 World Cup when I was on maternity leave while pregnant with One, and have loved every tournament ever since.

– I’m still managing to keep on top of the house and it is lovely to be living in a tidier environment most of the time now. I still need to help the kids tackle their rooms though; we’re all still struggling to break through the mess barrier there!

– Netherlands v Denmark kick off in about 5 minutes now so I think it is time for me to settle back with my cup of tea and start shouting at the screen! Hurrah!


One thought on “There’s no time like the present!

  1. I know exactly what you mean re. Lakeland! I ask myself, “Do I really need a battery operated, illuminated, pepper mill?” !! (Oh and if you crack the kids room mess barrier issue, please pass on any tips!) xx

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