The Olympic torch relay passes through Crewe!

Early yesterday morning, the Olympic torch relay came through Crewe. All of the town’s schools stayed closed until 10.30 am so that the children and staff could go and watch if they wished.

We were lucky enough to live very close to the torch’s route – it was due to pass right past the end of our road not long after eight o’clock. We set off at about half past seven to the corner of our street and placed ourselves in a good viewing spot. The children’s dad was also in Crewe for the occasion with his camera, and Two decided to join him for the duration, so for most of the time it was just me and the girls (and a few thousand other people who joined us along the road!).

It was raining a bit so a certain birthday present umbrella was pressed into service:

One and Three perched on the edge of the pavement for a while to rest their legs. The pair of them look SO similar in this photo!:

People gathering on the bridge just up the road:

And people gathering in the other direction:

The policemen on their motorbikes enjoyed the attention!:

The people in the town centre got free cokes. We were out of town and just got to wave at the lorry!

Small people played in the middle of the road, just because they could!

When the torch itself came past, it was a rather ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment! This is the only photo I managed to get of the flame. You can just see it in the bottom left of the photo, sticking out of someone’s head!

We then cut through some side streets to try to catch the torch again as it went past the station. One, Two and their dad all saw it again. Three and I were bringing up the rear more slowly and missed it by a minute or two! However, we then walked down to the United Carpets car park, where Whitby Morrison the ice cream van company were having a display of vintage ice cream vans, and giving out free ice cream for us all to have for breakfast!:

We all had a great morning and enjoyed being part of a historic event and seeing just how many people turned out to enjoy the spectacle even so early in the day!


3 thoughts on “The Olympic torch relay passes through Crewe!

  1. The Olympic flame went though my home town when I was about 8. They were taking applications for a lottery to be a torch carrier and I applied. The notice said that the torch would weigh about the same as two boxes of cake mix – so I kept running around the house with boxes of cake mix, just in case I was chosen. Sadly, I wasn’t. Though I did go watch it go passed. As I did the next time it went through down – 20+ years later.
    Looks like you and yours had as much fun as we did.

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