– My body is celebrating its glorious femininity by making me feel washed out, headachy, tired and as though I am being repeatedly kicked in the lower abdomen.

– I am, therefore, heading to bed shortly.

– Spent an hour applying for four jobs this afternoon. I’ve applied for two others earlier in the week and have two more waiting in the queue. I’m lucky that I’ve transferred back to Jobseeker’s Allowance at a time when there are quite a few T.A. jobs being advertised. Now I just need to be even more lucky and get an interview for one of them!

– Parents’ evening at school for Three tonight. Glowing praise all round. She’s had the same teacher for two years (a very unusual occurrence at her school) and I think the teacher is going to be genuinely sad to lose her. Now I have heard how much effort she puts in to all her work every single day I can understand slightly more why she is always exhausted and grumpy in the evenings!

– Delicious chicken casserole for tea out of the slow cooker. Must remember to put the leftovers in a couple of tubs for the freezer before I take my weary self up to bed.

– I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle a couple of nights ago. The three books were my treat to myself for finishing my college work, and I didn’t start them until everything was handed in. I had no real idea what to expect, was slightly sceptical of all the hype, but thoroughly enjoyed them and got very absorbed, particularly in the first one,

– I’m now reading some romance type book that I got for free. Can’t even remember what it’s called. I am loving being able to read fiction again and get lost in it without having to think about textbooks and journal articles!

– I feel weak and wobbly enough that I’m typing this while horizontal on the sofa. Going to attempt to launch myself upright soon to sort out the kitchen before bed.

– Meh. I don’t actually mind having periods but why do they have to make us feel so crap? I know I’m lucky I don’t generally suffer with terrible cramps, but it’s the migrainey, washed out, tired yukkiness that debilitates me for a day or so every month.

– I will now stop complaining, count my blessings (and believe me, I have thousands of those!) and go and sort out the kitchen.


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