2. Skyline; 3. Something you wore today

2. Skyline

The view from my back garden yesterday early evening.

3. Something you wore today

My college ID badge with memory stick attached. On that memory stick is a presentation about my research study (The research study I haven’t finished writing yet, yes…). I designed, wrote and created the powerpoint entirely from scratch today; it took me three hours of hard graft and I was really nervous about turning up with my scribbled post it notes to read from, feeling very unprepared.

It went fine. I have got a whole set of little notes with peer feedback on them, and the verbal feedback from the tutor was really positive too. 🙂

This Foundation Degree is very nearly at an end now – after two years of work, I have one more week to get the last few things completed and handed in.

I have utterly amazed myself with the things I have achieved this past two years. Studying at this level, as a single parent of three children, was a big risk – I had very little confidence in my ability to cope, especially given the fact that I messed up my degree 20 years ago, and I only had myself to look after back then (wasn’t doing a particularly good job of it, mind you…).

There have been numerous times, during this past year in particular, when I have seriously considered packing it all in, or somehow deferring to complete the course next year when things have settled down at home a bit. But I am so, so glad I stuck it out. I’ve almost, almost done it now.

And I am so ridiculously proud of myself you can’t imagine.



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