1. Peace

An eighth birthday, successfully planned and executed.

Getting woken up initially at just before six this morning with the words ‘Mum, I’m EIGHT!’. This is having gone to bed way after midnight due to number crunching some data for my research study. She got wished happy birthday and directed back to bed with requests to not return until seven o’clock!

A busy day tidying, college work-ing, food preparing, swimsuit buying (heaven knows where mine has disappeared to but it is in a Very Safe Place, clearly…)

A swimming trip (wearing the hastily purchased new cheap swimsuit) with three children, an ex husband and my mum (who doesn’t swim but enjoyed spectating).

A birthday tea post-swimming plus birthday cake made by me yesterday and decorated entirely by Three (who did a fabulous job; I’ll post a pic at some point).

And now the eight year old and her two older siblings are all in bed. I have gone FLOP onto the sofa and have peace. Silence.

I want a bath and to go to bed. But I’m not sure I can actually move…



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